Thursday, March 21, 2013

30 Things to See and Do Before I Die.

I have been thinking about my bucket list.  It seems you're not officially a blogger unless you've posted one!  So I've been thinking about mine.  I've kept one that's broader than just travel for a little while, but let's keep the one here focused on just that.

There are just so many places to go and things to see and do I'm beginning to think that if I don't start getting organized about it, I will never get to the places I really want to go.  I've been keeping a list for a long time, but haven't really been systematically trying to tackle it.  I think it's time to change my approach. 

In no particular order, my travel bucket list:

1.  Visit Red Square, Moscow Russia
2.  Go to Jordan, swim in the Dead Sea and see Petra
3.  Swim around the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
4.  See the Pyramids in Egypt
5.  Stay in a ryokan in Japan
6.  Have a drink at the bar at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo (a la Lost in Translation)
7.  Go trekking in Nepal
8.  Visit Patagonia
9.  See the Taj Mahal, India
10. Spend at least 6 months on a round the world trip
11. Work abroad for at least a year
12. Charter a sailboat around the Greek islands
13. Stay in an Aman Resorts Hotel
14. Stay at the Playa Vik hotel in Jose Ignasio, Uruguay
15. Stay at the Ritz Paris 
16. Visit the Maldives or the Seychelles
17. Drink champagne in the Champagne region of France
18. Eat dinner at the French Laundry Yountville California, USA
19. See Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe
20. Ski in Chile
21. Attend the Kentucky Derby
22. See Iguazu Falls in Brazil and Argentina
23. Visit Machu Picchu, Peru
24. Relax in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland
25. Go on a wine tasting tour of South Africa
26. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro
27. Tour Sri Lanka
28. Climb up to the Tigers Nest in Bhutan
29. Party on the beach in Ibiza
30. Ride the Trans Siberian Railroad

I have been quite a few places already that are bucket list-worthy (Angkor Wat, for one) and didn't even add to this list the things I plan to tackle this year (Dubrovnick, Burma).  And still, it seems impossible that I will ever complete this list.  I am certain to add things on faster than I can cross them off. 

But let's take one last look, what am I missing??


  1. Just stumbled on over here. I think there's a few things missing -- take a romantic stroll along the Seine, drink wine under the cypress tress in Tuscany. My personal favorite - bump into a random celebrity and share a meal together!

    1. Ah but Lance my bucket list doesn't include the things I've already done! Although, I've never had a spontaneous meal with a celebrity!